The Moro Foundation is committed to the development of the IB program in Slovenia. This community currently represents over 300 students from 40 nations. Your donations will enrich the educational experience of children coming from donor countries.


MORO FOUNDATION CONTEST 2017: Let’s fight against the noise pollution!

Our school has become very noisy due to the number of students which negatively effects our health. It demages hearing, disturbs concentration and focus, causes stress and negatively effects our general well-being. What can we do about it?

In order to reconsider the negative effects of noise we invite all the students to participate in a contest – Let’s fight against the noise pollution! –  supported by the Moro Fundation. 


WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Be mindful about the noise, observe it, think how it effects your life and consider what can we do about it.

You can take part in the contest by creating following products:

1M and 2M – cartoon or a picture book about noise

3M and 4M – instructions (manual) how to prevent noise

5M and 6M – essay or a paragraph about how you experience noise

7M and 8M –  report about how noise and too loud music effects your health, life and learning

Criteria to be assessed against:

  • CREATIVITY (the design, the graphic appeal of the products)
  • CONTENT ( the quality of ideas and reflection)
  • LANGUAGE (clear and grammatically correct language)

               Length: 5M and 6M   –  from 600 words on

                            7M and 8M   –  from 900 words on

The final deadline for the submission of the products is on the May 15th. The announcement of the contestants and the awards will be given at the Final Event. The Moro foundation has prepared some really nice awards!

For further information do no hesitate to contact Ms. Tea Jelnikar, Ms. Anja Dezman or Ms. Katarina Čepič.

The contest is now closed! Winners will be announced in the next a few days.



We are inviting all the students to participate in a contest supported by the Moro Fundation.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Make your own weekly menu, which is healthy and traditional for your country.

1M and 2M menu with names of the dishes and pictures

3M and 4Mmenu with food descriptions

5M and 6Mmenu with food recipes

7M and 8Mhealthy menu (gluten free, diet, food for sportsmen)

Criteria to be assessed against:

  • CREATIVITY (the design and the graphic appeal of the menu)
  • LANGUAGE (clear and grammatically correct English language)

               Length: 5M and 6M   – from 600 words on /  7M and 8M   – from 900 words on

  • QUALITY OF THE MENU: healthy, balanced and traditional

You are encouraged to design a menu for a restaurant or for our school, yourself, your family or for a sportsman/woman. It is up to you!

Think about adopting the menu to seasons (seasonal food healthier and it supports sustainable development and local producers), perhaps you can also add information, what are the allergens, what are the benefits of the food on our health or the caloric value. We are looking for tasty and healthy national foods!

The Moro Foundation has prepared some really nice awards.

Your menus should be submitted by the May 30th . The awards will be given at the Final event at Danile Kumar School.

For further information do not hesitate to contact Ms. Keli or Ms. Katarina Č.



The contest is now closed! Winners will be announced in the next few days.

Dear children, it is just a few days until the end of MORO FOUNDATION’S CONTEST: WE COME FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES! The winners are just days away from discovering their great prizes: silver coins from famous Walt Disney – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Pluto and Goofy.


The Moro Foundation and Danila Kumar International School would like you to show your talents and your feelings about your country. Think about it – what does represent it best? Teach us, inform us and show us what you know about it! Show us where you come from and why you like your country! With this contest we invite you to unleash your creative forces and express yourself!

The contest evaluation team will accept the works of art till 1. 11. 2014. The contest evaluation team will be chosen from the Danila Kumar teachers and the members of Moro Foundation. The results will be known to the school community in December and the best works of art will be exhibited in the first two weeks of December. The foundation will reward the best works with fine rewards.

Show us and make us feel your country!



Grade 1 and 2: Painting of a scene that represents your country best
Use your creativity and artistic skills to create a drawing or a painting of a motif which represents your country best. It should be done on an A3 format in a technique and materials of your choice. The contest evaluation team will pay attention to the precision of the making , the use of the chosen technique and to the clarity of the message your art work is conveying.
Your work will undoubtedly show great creativity and have a positive international message!

Grade 3 and 4: A short poem in English language about your country

Try to use your poetic inspiration and impress us with a short poem about your country. We expect a poem of at least 6-10 lines of verse. You are free to choose any type of poem as long as you make sure that the language is thoughtful and ‘poetic’. Besides that, the judging panel will pay attention to the composition and the poem’s message. We are looking forward to seeing your perspective of your home country through poetry.

Grade 5 and 6: A magazine article in English language about your country

Write a short magazine article that could be published in the school newspaper, so your audience is the school community. Write 300-500 words, but if you want, write more! Think, what would interest us, what do you want us to know about your country?

THE CRITERIA for writing the magazine article:

– Length (300 – 500 words).

– Font 12.

– It can contain visual material (photos etc.).

– It can be computer or hand designed.

– The nature of the article is non-fiction, give us facts about the country which are less known to us!

– You choose the form of the article – it can be an interview with a famous person from your country, a coloumn about a day in the life in your country, a commentary, a field report from a (sports) event…transform yourself into a real journalist. What would attract us to read your article?

Tell us something new and interesting – we are eager to learn!

Grade 7 and 8: An essay in English language about your country

This is an opportunity to write and express your thoughts, emotions or view of your country. Write an essay from 750 to 1000 words (you can make it longer, if you want!). Make sure it is gramatically correct and well organized so it draws attention of the reader. We are looking for powerful ideas, interesting stories, good argumentation and clear messages!

The criteria for the essay:

– Complexity of content

– Language accuracy and the beauty of expression

– Organization of the essey (structure of thought!)


IMPORTANT: All ideas that are not yours (quotes etc.) and sources that you have used should be be appropriately acknowledged! When in doubt, ask your homeroom or language teacher!

Moro-Galerija-Fondacija-Drzave-03-ANG For contest in pdf click on picture.

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