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Our international students, specifically 2nd and 3rd grade students, were actively involved in cooking  classes in the afternoon programme for the last six months. On the basis of the recipes chosen by students, they cooked and baked every Friday. They were especially successful in baking cookies, which were selling at International Day and managed to raise 135 euro for the expansion of school multi-purpose artificial turf pitches.

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The culminating event was organised on Monday, 10 June. Students invited their parents to a lunch they prepared with the help of very successful chef, Jade van Bareen and their mentor, Keli Jerman. Students prepared the activity with great enthusiasm and care. The specially prepared lasagne with salad was delicious. And those who like sweets were in Heaven, the chocolate cake and peach crumble were fabulous. They raised an additional 307 euro for the outdoor pitch. It was really great. Thanks for the great event and congratulations!