The Moro Foundation is committed to the development of the IB program in Slovenia. This community currently represents over 300 students from 40 nations. Your donations will enrich the educational experience of children coming from donor countries.


First Prize
Tamino Hölzer, Germany (1. in 2. grade)

Tamino Holzer, Nemčija
Jeanne M. G. Breton, France (3. in 4. grade; mentor Klavdija Čuk)

Žan Breton, Francija
Ekaterina Bochkalova, Russia (3. in 4. grade; mentor Klavdija Čuk)

Katja Bachkalova, Rusija
Bisera Velichkovski, Macedonia (7. in 8. grade; mentor Petra Cerar)

Why does every essay or book need a title? Personally, I do not like them, they stress me out. That is exactly why I decided that this essay will not have a title. I think that now it is enough about it, so let’s talk about business (just kidding).

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Second Prize
Ryan Jones, USA (3. in 4. grade; mentor Klavdija Čuk)

Ryan Jones, ZDA
Siddarth Guru Prasanna, India (3. in 4. grade; mentor Klavdija Čuk)

Siddath G, Indija
Max Cyrus Tomsich, Austria (5. in 6. grade; mentor Petra Cerar)

Austria is a country with a lot of mountains and a lot of people like to ski there. Austria was part of Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy and now it is an independent country. There are some famous people, some are: Arnold Schwarzenegger …

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