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Juventus Academy– the international football school for children will start running in two Slovenian schools in September 2011 (Osnovna šola Danile Kumar, Ljubljana and Osnovna šola Naklo). This holistic football programme, which, besides developing sports football elements, incorporates elements of healthy lifestyle, health education and development of positive attitudes, was developed for Juventus Academy by experts at Turin University.

In June 2011, a senior Juventus Academy instructor will be in Ljubljana to deliver a programme of specific professional development for (sport) teachers; the event will be organised at Danila Kumar Elementary School in Ljubljana.

Also in June, all interested parents and children will be able to attend a promotional training session organised by Juventus Academy trainers, together with trained Slovenian teachers, at Camp Šobec during the Danila Kumar Parent’s Association International Day event on Sunday, 12 June, from 13.00 – 15.00.

Children, both boys and girls, from 5 – 15 years will be able to apply to join the Juventus Academy programme by 5 September 2011, when the training will begin. All children, not only those from the participating schools, are also welcome to apply. Football training will be organised twice a week (1,5 hour) for younger children (5 – 11 years) and three times a week for older ones (12 – 15 years). Regular football games will also be organised for them with other schools and clubs.

The implementation of the Juventus Academy programme is financially supported by the Moro Foundation, the honorary patron of the project is Mr. Drago Kos, FIFA referee, who will participate in the activities of the Academy.

All interested Slovenian Elementary schools are invited to participate in this exciting sporting project. Further information is available at or 00386 41 393 867.