The Moro Foundation is committed to the development of the IB program in Slovenia. This community currently represents over 300 students from 40 nations. Your donations will enrich the educational experience of children coming from donor countries.



In the last calendar year, the Moro Foundation raised a significant amount of money for our department. It financed the activities during the exchange of students with Costeas – Geitona School in Athens, a teacher from IB PYP Bratislava School to assist our PYP teachers for three months, materials for teachers and students, sports and other activities at the International Day, additional Health Education programmes for grade 7 and 8 students, a Magic Show last December and Art activities at November’s Scary Reading Night; it has thus enriched our programmes and our students’ social and school life a lot.

We are currently installing 30 new computers, which have been donated by the Moro Foundation this calendar year. The new computers will greatly enhance and support inquiry based learning and development of the IT skills among our students.

We would really appreciate your support to realize our expanding programmes by contributing to Moro Foundation fundraising efforts. Thank you for your cooperation and help!
Irena Šteblaj (From Danila Kumar Elementary School Newsletter, 7 March 2011)