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Foto: MORO Foundation

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Dr. sci Sam Semit Osmanagić was invited b y the MORO Foundation to visit the students of the International School Danile Kumar. He is an archaeologist who has dedicated his life to the research of pyramids. He considers himself to be the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids and the Pyramid of the Sun which is suggested to be one of the oldest and the biggest pyramids on Earth.

During his lecture Osmanagić presented the characteristics of pyramids which we know in Sudan, Egypt and in South America. He showed why the hills in Bosnia which have a shape of a pyramid, should be real pyramids but still covered in earth. To support his discovery he presented some possible proofs and developed a few thesis and possible explanations why the pyramids were built in the first place and how they can be used.

The lecture was two hours long and it really caught the attention of the students who were keen on participating with questions. Actually, there was not enough time to answer all the questions – students are looking forward to more of such lectures!