The Moro Foundation is committed to the development of the IB program in Slovenia. This community currently represents over 300 students from 40 nations. Your donations will enrich the educational experience of children coming from donor countries.


We are proud to present the winners of Moro Foundation Contest that took place at Danila Kumar International School. Once again, we gratefully thank foundation for making our event possible. Many students decided to share their creativity with us, which later made it hard for us to choose the winners among these great products. In different age groups, students created poems in connection to our most important animal species, bees.

The winners are:
1st and 2nd grade – Picture Poem
Nike Seliškar, 1d

3rd and 4th grade – Acrostic Poem
Eva Peterlin, 3d
Catarina Isabel Fernandes Moras, 4m

5th and 6th grade – Haiku
Lana Čubrilović, 5b
Henri Stoven, 5m

7th and 8th grade – Poem of Choice
Yang Yichen, 8m

Poems that inspired and enchanted us are displayed in the school lobby and will later come to life on our annual International Day in Šobec – June 9th, where students will recite them. Hope to see you there!        

Teachers: Leopoldina Poli Hočevar Eve, Tina Frelih, Tjaša Fritsch Križaj