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Our school has become very noisy due to the number of students which negatively effects our health. It demages hearing, disturbs concentration and focus, causes stress and negatively effects our general well-being. What can we do about it?

In order to reconsider the negative effects of noise we invite all the students to participate in a contest – Let’s fight against the noise pollution! –  supported by the Moro Fundation. 


WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Be mindful about the noise, observe it, think how it effects your life and consider what can we do about it.

You can take part in the contest by creating following products:

1M and 2M – cartoon or a picture book about noise

3M and 4M – instructions (manual) how to prevent noise

5M and 6M – essay or a paragraph about how you experience noise

7M and 8M –  report about how noise and too loud music effects your health, life and learning

Criteria to be assessed against:

  • CREATIVITY (the design, the graphic appeal of the products)
  • CONTENT ( the quality of ideas and reflection)
  • LANGUAGE (clear and grammatically correct language)

               Length: 5M and 6M   –  from 600 words on

                            7M and 8M   –  from 900 words on

The final deadline for the submission of the products is on the May 15th. The announcement of the contestants and the awards will be given at the Final Event. The Moro foundation has prepared some really nice awards!

For further information do no hesitate to contact Ms. Tea Jelnikar, Ms. Anja Dezman or Ms. Katarina Čepič.