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“I love to think back to my old school years, since as a pupil of both the Danila Kumar Primary School and the Bežigrad Secondary School. I experienced many beautiful moments and gained a heap of useful knowledge. I always loved going to school, so it was never a problem to study or do my homework. Although my daily schedule was extremely straining – before going to school each day, I had swimming training from 5:30 to 8:00 a.m. – I knew how to take advantage of every minute so that I always managed to finish everything on time.

The international programme at the secondary school was very challenging but with the help and support of my teachers and vice-principle, Ms. Barbara Gostiša, I was able to manage everything. I am happy to say that the international A-levels were a great preparation for university. During my first year at Berkeley University, I had no problems completing my essays and seminar papers. My fondest memories are related to spending time with friends, laughing together with our teachers and of course, also to moments when we were scolded or did something silly. In short, nothing but happy times, memories, which I always love to share with my classmates.

I think that schooling in general should be regarded as a privilege instead of an obligation, since there are countless numbers of children throughout the world who have no access to books and desired information. I know how straining school can be, but with a little discipline and organization everything can be achieved. General knowledge is extremely important and it would be nice if it were more valued. I can assure you that every hour spent studying will sooner or later be repaid. So if you have the opportunity to study – get to it and do it gladly :)”

Sara Isakovič, Slovenia